Brettenwood Life

Completed: 2025

Location: Brettenwood Coastal Estate, Ballito

Brettenwood Coastal Estate's new frail care facility, Brettenwood Life, will be an attractive option for senior citizens looking for a comfortable and secure retirement living arrangement. With its own security measures and situated within a larger estate that already has security features in place, residents can feel safe and protected. The facility itself boasts 180 apartments of varying sizes, all designed with an open-plan interior that leads out onto a private balcony. Residents can also take advantage of concierge services to arrange for domestic cleaning, laundry services, and transportation to local shopping centres and hospitals. One of the unique features of Brettenwood Life is its onsite care centre for residents, which promotes active care and ageing. The estate provides ample facilities for creating an active lifestyle, including the freedom to go for regular walks and runs throughout the estate. Overall, Brettenwood Life seems to offer a comfortable and secure living arrangement for senior citizens who value community, convenience, and an active lifestyle.