Koi Living

Completed: 2021

Location: Ballito

Koi Living, a modern and stylish mixed-use complex, is located in the heart of the bustling city center. The commercial space on the ground floor provides a range of amenities and services, making it a convenient destination for residents and visitors alike. The two levels of apartments above offer a comfortable and contemporary living experience with stunning city views. The building's unique design stands out with its three horizontal concrete slabs stacked on top of each other, creating an eye-catching silhouette. The angular cutbacks on the slabs add a sense of depth and variation to the building's facade, making it a standout feature in the city's skyline. The use of off-shutter concrete and full-height glass reflects the building's modern and innovative approach to architecture, showcasing the latest in building technology and design. Residents of Koi Living can enjoy a range of amenities, including a rooftop pool and lounge area, a fitness center, and a communal outdoor space for relaxation and socializing. The building also features state-of-the-art security systems, ensuring residents' safety and peace of mind. With its prime location, stylish design, and range of amenities, Koi Living offers a truly exceptional living experience in the heart of the city.